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Effective planning

Ensure to allow enough time for the task to be communicated and completed. An 80% solution now is better than 100% later!!

A macro trend is a large-scale, sustained shift within an industry. For example, increased awareness of the health benefits of exercise lead to an increase in the level of consumption of sporting goods across the community.

A micro trend affects a smaller number of cosumers within a single industry. For example, an increase in interest in Pinarello bikes after Chris Froome wins the Tour de France.

Leading indicators are typically input oriented, hard to measure and easy to influence

Lagging indicators are typically "output" oriented, easy to measure but hard to improve or influence

A milestone is a significant, measureable event or stage in a projects progression

The critical path is the sequence of stages determining the minimum time needed to complete a project. A delay in any of these stages will cause the overall project to slip