What are the internal and external factors that could impact on our ability to solve the problem or complete the task? Consider customers, industry, competitors and company internal factors.

  • Identify the planning time available

    Ensure to allow enough time for the task to be communicated and completed. An 80% solution now is better than 100% later!!

    • One-third planning, two-thirds preparation
  • Identify who should be involved

    It is vital to include all the key people in the planning if possible. It will generate more ideas, get better solutions and mean less questions later

    • Who's here / who's not
    • Who should be involved
  • Identify the current environment
    • Industry dynamics

      What is happening in the industry, what are the predicted trends? How will this impact on us? Where is the value now and in the future?

    • Company Internal

      Important to know why we are doing this and what we have before we plan as this will impact on how we go about building options

    • Customers

      Are you a service organisation, retail, wholesaler. What role do they play? What they want and what they need may be different?

      • Customer requirements
      • Priority
      • Segmentation
      • Requirements
    • Competitors

      What are our competitors doing? How will this impact on us? Who are they? What do they offer? Why are we different?

      • Capabilities
      • Availability
      • Pricing