Search for opportunities within each of your chosen options, identify any risks and issues and plan to mitigate these.

  • Identify the opportunities

    This is your opportunity to think outside the box and come up with exciting and new ways to do things

    • What opportunities does each approach offer?
    • Are we being innovative or is there a better way?
  • Identify risks, plan contingency

    Brainstorm what are all the things that can go wrong, use the risk management template. When you think of something work out how to mitigate the risk. Considerations: Take 5, JHA, Customer specific safety requirements, Site inductions, Certification or licences, Individual safety equipment, SOPs as required

    • Risk to personnel
    • Risk to equipment
    • Risk to task
    • Risk to reputation
    • Financial risk
  • Identify issues

    Are there any critical issues we need to address? Think of all the ways the plan can go wrong and discuss contigency plans

    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • People (safety)
    • Fleet/equipment
    • Are there activities that could bring disrepute to the company?
  • Modify plan as required

    Are there any changes we need to make to the plan based on opportunities, risks, and issues?